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Maybe someone at Uber finally tried the ride experience. Don’t you just hate it when you’ve just hopped in an Uber after a long day at work and the driver is pouring out question after question.

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On so many occasions a very important WhatsApp message has gone unanswered or an urgent email forgotten, simply because your driver has decided to ask whether to increase or reduce the AC for the 100th time.

Not all Uber Drivers are the same but there are some that just take it too far. Did you hear about the driver that refused to drive a passenger because they didn’t say “Good afternoon”.

I’m not saying go out there and be rude, but how does greeting factor into the process of getting paid to take someone from point A to B.

Anyway, such situations can now be avoided altogether (in America). Uber has thankfully introduced a setting in the app that enables you to select options like “Quiet Preferred”, “happy to chat” or “No Preference” when booking rides.

When the option becomes available in Nigeria mine will permanently be on “Quiet Preferred!”

For more details on the additional new features read more here.

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