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Bolt and other Ride sharing apps have been a blessing to key Nigerian cities. If you live in Lagos, you would probably appreciate this blessing twice. Like everything good, ride sharing is about to get better.

Cue an office team-hangout at the cinema or a family trip to the airport; Well…there’s now an app for that.” No more clumsy arrangement with multiple cars there’s space for Everyone in an XL. No overloading though.

Make room, because that’s what it’s literally about, more room. Bolt, the lighting inspired name of the ride-sharing app formerly know as Taxify, has addressed a big issue plaguing the Nigerian social scene, more room in cars. We are a nation of wedding goers, party crashes and socializing so this fits right in.

The process is easy, when using the app select Bolt X, confirm the number of seaters and choose your destination. The app will only select a car of up to 6 seaters and that’s it, your own your way with the whole gang. Uber better watch out this is another feature that’ll be stealing their customers, all leaving together at the same time. The only downside we’ve spotted for now is that it’s just available in Lagos. But other than that we think this is a great start.

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