Xenophobia South Africa
A Foreigner in South Africa Arming Up Against Xenophobia
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Following the recent rise in Xenophobia in South Africa, it seems that Nigerians are stocking up ammunition for self-defense. Due to the attacks, an Airpeace flight donated by the indigenous Nigerian airline has returned with the first batch of Nigerian evacuees.

However, it’s likely that the passengers are mainly wives and Children of Nigerians in South Africa, as the men have seemingly stayed back to arm themselves against any more impending attacks.

Here is a comprehensive account of the xenophobic attacks and the corresponding reprisal attacks in Nigeria.

Video footages on Twitter show alleged Nigerian men parading various types of Assault riffles including Military-grade Ak 47. The AK 47 is the official rifle of the Nigerian Army and has been proven to be war-grade, following its rugged nature.

One of the people in the video can be heard saying in Nigerian Pidgin English, “If Southy try rubbish for Sunnyside, them go see.” This is a colloquial way of saying that if any South African in Sunny Side tries to be Xenophobic, they would bear the consequences. The person in the video also sarcastically encouraged any xenophobic South African to come to Sunnyside.

Another well-armed person supposedly speaking in Nigerian Pidgin stated, “The war don set, since they wan f**k with the wrong N**gas,” A way of saying that since the xenophobic South Africans want war, they will get war.

Recall that South Africa is one of the African countries with a likely loose gun law, added to the fact that they have a very active Weapons Manufacturing industry including Amrmamnent Corporation of South Africa, (ARMSCOR) which manufactures a variety of military-grade assault rifles.

Is this enough reason for the government of South Africa to act, rather than pander to their political bases? Already, the business confidence index for South Africa is down a 20-year low. With an impending war this rife, what would happen to the country with an unbearable unemployment rate of 29%?

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