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Two things have hit Nigeria at the moment, Aladdin being all the rage with Will Smith granting all our wishes in continuing to be one of the funniest actors to grace our screens. The second being the new genetic testing startup, getting you to ask that question…who do you think you are?

We don’t mean, your name, where you live or your age. Think deeper. Where did the birthmark on your foot come from? Why do you sneeze that way or why don’t you like pepper…or is that really my child.

Meet 54Gene, the Biotech Startup Providing Genetic Testing Service in Nigeria

Well these are now answers that you don’t need to travel for, with 54Gene you can now have those answers easily done in Nigeria. Founded in 2019, 54Gene is a biotech startup offering genetic testing and molecular diagnostics services to Africans. You will now know who to blame for your bad teeth or if you are naturally big in the family (not just a sufferer of long throat syndrome).

But on a more serious note, this startup will greatly benefit Nigerians because the tests are simple, easy to do and provide reports on a person’s health and ancestry.

The risks of developing certain genetic conditions will now be revealed to you before they manifest ,this will arm people with the knowledge of what lies ahead and what they need to avoid to stay healthy. The tech industry in Nigeria is truly growing with more and more problem solving companies popping up on the horizon. For more on 54Gene read here.

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