Wole Soyinka Criticizes Buhari
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Not to give President Buhari any grief but Wole Soyinka did some nitpicking on Sunday. This comes alongside the latest criticising letter from Former President Olusegun Obasanjo. If these rounds of criticisms are anything to go by, Nigeria’s President Buhari may not be catching a break anytime soon.

The award-winning, Nigerian wizard of literature aired his views about the government at a birthday party held in his honour to celebrate his 85th. Seeing how celebrations are meant to be festive, fun and joyous, the atmosphere was quite the opposite. It was filled instead with sombre topics of the insecurity, poverty, dearth and bad governance of Nigeria. It seems like everyone is sick of the current of the state of the economy and Wole Soyinka simply voiced those feelings of Nigerians.

He said,

“It’s easier on the state level to say that a particular state is definitely doing better than other states. But the central government has failed, that’s my view… They need to confront this nation as a habitation of human beings where very serious issues like economy, security, health, even threats of secession come up every day and convoke at the same time, a national conference, what I call an Indaba across all section which we will all meet and debate everything, including the economy of this nation”.

Catching any glimpse of the Gandalf-like literary genius known as Wole Soyinka is usually an indication of fanciful words, wisdom, sarcasm and good humour; but in all, good tidings. It’s however not the same this time. He has come to our screens with his literary words mostly in condemnation of the government.  The current administration must be a special kind of bad to have Wole Soyinka speak in the manner in which he spoke. 

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