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You know how during the weekend half of Nigeria troops out to spend time with family and friends? Everywhere gets choked up! Beaches gets filled up with too many people and malls get crowded with way too many kids and jammed with human traffic.  Speaking of traffic, ever  planned on getting home by 9pm but end up getting home by 11pm, tired and exhausted with a strong feeling of dread for the next day’s work? Why go through all that?

One of the greatest issues in life is that most of us do not spend our time in ways that make us happy. According to author of ‘Time and How To Spend It’ James Wallman, happiness is greatly linked to professional success.

He said, “happiness leads to success, not the other way around,” he says. “So if we want to be successful, we need to aim for happiness and resilience,”

It’s just one day right? Why not make the most of it by staying indoors and doing things that can boost your productivity for the rest of the week. Oh, for those who still have to work this public holiday, we wish you all the best.

Unburden Your Mind By Meditating

This is a great way to unplug from the rest of the world and become the best version of yourself. Keep your phone aside and take a few minutes to meditate. This is not a waste of time as some people may think. Research has shown that meditating has a lot of lasting effects on the brain. Being able to completely relax and be one with yourself has helped people improve on their temper, get more creative and achieve more goals. Try it!

Take A Class Online

Anything that helps change your perspective towards certain things in a positive way is worth trying. Being able to connect with experts in a field and  boost necessary skill set can help a person become more confident and sucessful. No one  is really saying start and finish that class that same day, but start it and keep going at it from time  to time. There have been a number of testimonials from people who have greatly improved their skills based on online classes; join the crowd!

Spend Time Alone With Yourself

You must be like “everything you’ve mentioned is pretty much spending time alone with myself” but it’s really not. It’s more like this: introspect. It’s a little different from meditation. When you introspect, you get to ask yourself certain important questions that can help you alter some bad habits and do better. It’s pretty much like a thorough self-examination of your fears, weaknesses, shortcoming and values. Ask yourself how you should have handled that situation, what you can do to improve on your relationships and become more valuable to the people around you. Be a better version of yourself in just a day!

Rewatch Your Favorite TV Show

It’s sounds counter productive right? Spending time watching a series might sound a little bit like a waste of time but it really isn’t . Studies have shown that doing something you really enjoy has a great impact on our brain which helps to boost creativity and help productivity. It could be a comedy series like friends, drama like house of cards or whatever makes you happy really.

Order In And Enjoy Time With Family And Friends

It is chaotic out there! Ordering nice food in and spending time indoors with family or friends is a great way to feel rested. This doesn’t only calm the mind down but it helps you share stories and happiness. Play video games, binge watch series, do a little youtube karaoke or just talk. Research shows that improving on your relationships can make a person more sucessful.


People don’t get how important good sleep is.  According to Dr Rangan Chatterjee, between meditation, diet, exercise and  sleep, sleep should be the greatest priority. It’s sad how much people underestimate the power of sleep. Well, it could be work, a new baby or Lagos traffic that’s draining your sleep but it is still important to priortise it. No one is saying sleep throughout the day but  make time to prioritise sleep and watch how much you would change as a person.

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