wall of failure
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When people think of failure, what comes to most minds is ‘end of the road’. Also, the thoughts that they are not good enough to achieve their goals. 

You need to stop having negative thoughts, learn to view things from a better perspective and put on a positive attitude. Failure doesn’t define who you are or who you are going to be. See failure as an assessment and a push to do better.

Here are some reasons why failure could be a good thing. 

Failure makes you stronger. 

Trying something and failing at it doesn’t mean you have to give up. Constantly trying again with different approaches as you note your weaknesses and work towards correcting them, or focusing on your strengths. Ever wondered how footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo, became the best footballer in the world repeatedly? It didn’t happen overnight, he got rejected and ridiculed several times along the way till he reached the spotlight. Imagine if he gave up at the beginning. 

Failure provides answers.

You will never know how bad something is till you try it. It is better to try out something and fail at it than to bear the burden of asking yourself ‘what if’ for the rest of your life.

Failure helps you learn.

The moment you fail at something, the next thing you should do is assess yourself and try to point out the mistakes made. You should be your biggest critic. By pointing out your mistakes to yourself, you get to know what to work on so as to come back banging!

We all fail at something every day, the difference between you and the most successful person in your field or situation is persistence. Keep knocking on that door, go out and conquer!

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