ASA Lucid
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It’s been five years since Asa released her last album Bed of Stones, and while we have been waiting for her to release another project, she’s been magnanimous enough to release singles off her upcoming album, which she announced yesterday on her Instagram page.

It’s titled Lucid, which is her fourth body of work, we’ve been given a taste of what’s to come in singles like Beginning and Good Time. Lucid is out on October 11, and we just can’t wait.

She was recently featured on the cover of Schick Magazine, where she discussed her five-year hiatus from the music scene, the cultural influences that have shaped both her and her craft, and the real change she wants to see in Nigeria.

Her last album, Bed of Stone was released in 2014. The 14 track playlist featured hit records such as Dead Again, Eyo and Bed of Stone.

Asa has won the prestigious French Constant in Award in 2008 after the released of several albums including, “Asa’’, which charted radios across Europe, Asia, and Africa.

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