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Finally, the hard-hitting GOT series has finally come to an end with some people feeling a bit more disappointed than others. Now the question is, what next? I need a new series to watch, something with the heart stumping deception and goriness that we all loved in the game of thrones and maybe, a little bit up to our time. 


Well, look no further. We’ve got a few suggestions on what train you should jump in. 

  1. The Walking Dead

In a post-apocalyptic America, the survivors do everything they can to survive the zombie-ridden streets of the one great nation. Asides fighting of zombies aka “walkers”, they also have to face conflict from themselves as there as so many formed groups and communities with different morals and rules which others do not agree with. 

This series goes on to show us the challenges people face in a world filled with the undead, expect lots of blood. 

2. Breaking Bad

Breaking bad

No gory killer scenes here, this series follows the life of Walter White, a depressed high school chemistry teacher with lung cancer. The story quickly climaxes when he turns to a life of crime by producing and selling methamphetamine with the of his student in a bid to secure a financial future for his family before he gives up the ghost. 

We follow Walter as he makes crystal meth and watches how he navigates the dangers of the drug dealing world. 

3. Narcos 


Still on the drug train, only this one’s realistic. This series tells the true story of one of the biggest crime lords the world has ever seen, from the grass to grace story of Pablo Escobar, to how he became power hungry to being hunted by the DEA and his tragic demoralising death. But it doesn’t end there, the story goes on to tell us about the downfall of the Cali cartel and how the drug traders this going strong in several parts of the world. 

This is an intense story of power, greed and lots of money! And the fact that it’s a true story. 

4. The 100

the 100

Brutal agonising deaths, and a story that progresses over the seasons before they’re shockingly killed…….in manners you’ve gotten accustomed to from watching GOT

This post-apocalyptic science fiction drama follows a group of criminal teenagers as they return to earth after a criminal apocalypse. Watch as the characters try to make moral decisions in this dark series. 

5. Empire


Watch as the struggle to take over the family business breaks up a family, brings them back and then breaks them up again. If the sick plot twists of empire don’t get you, then the shocking death scenes will and deceptive Lucious Lyon can be. Either way, we would love to meet the scriptwriters of this series and have a cup of tea with them just to get a whiff of how their minds work. 

6. Into the Badlands

Into the badlands

This series follows a warrior and a young boy in post-apocalyptic America, as they try to seek refuge in a somewhat mystical land. 

Easy as it sounds the dog have to navigate battling clippers, barons, slave master and savages losing loved ones along the way. If the storyline isn’t gripping enough, the kill scene will as they share every detail of each gory scene intimately with the viewer. 

These shows will definitely leave you forgetting the disappointing ending to the GOT finale and craving for the next episode. 

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