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Failing to achieve some of your set goals is normal. In fact, it could be a disguised stepping stone to greater heights. So, when you fail at something, don’t get depressed and stop trying.

As they say, failures are finger posts on the road to achievement. Every great achiever was once a failure. How did they become great? They learnt to fail forward towards success. 

So, like every other human, you failed at something. What next?

1. Make your analysis and learn from the experience.

learning from failure
Young depressed businessman sitting under white drawn trouble thought boxes

Try and find out the reason for the failure, learn to solve the problem and come back with a better strategy to achieve what you want.

Failing only tells you something is wrong, and you need to re-strategize and fix it up. Failure is not the end, it is only feedback on your way to success.

2. Ask honest questions.

Yes, ask yourself honest questions that will help you know if your effort is good enough for you to achieve your goals. 
Are your actions good enough to generate the results you want? Is your approach as good as that of those who excelled at doing what you are currently trying to do?
Feel free to ask yourself questions after setting your goal(s), you don’t have to wait until you fail before doing this.

3. Rekindle Your Passion.


Is your zeal to get things done on the wane, and your whole life seems to be dragging? Ask yourself why you set out to achieve your goal(s) in the first place. Now, use those reasons as your motivation. 
Give yourself compelling reasons to keep trying, even better than you had done before, and you will begin to see the obstacles on your way as stepping stones.

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4. Learn from the best source you can find, and give it your best shot!

To get it right after you had gotten it wrong, you need to learn from the ‘masters’. Learning the right strategy is key, so you don’t keep investing your resources in an approach that can only lead to failure. 
Don’t be too proud or shy to learn from others. Ask people questions, read books, listen to podcasts, watch vlogs, read helpful blog posts, and attend seminars if need be.
It is important to note that learning is not attained by chance. It must be sought for with ardour and attended to with diligence.
After you have learnt all the lessons you need to, and you have re-strategized, it is time for you to go out there, give it your best shot and achieve your goals.

Always remember this, failure is our teacher, not our undertaker. Failure is a delay, not a defeat.

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