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The National Vice-Chairman, South-South of Peoples Democratic Party, Mr Emmanuel Ogidi, has said, the party will do everything possible to win the September governorship election in Edo State so as to complete its domination of South-South politics.

Ogidi said, “That is why I am here (in Benin City) to be sure that we get there, because we have been looking forward to it. I have not been happy since I became the zonal vice chairman of the PDP. Each time I went to any of the states, I kept saying I am not complete.

“It is like a man looking for a wife, until you marry, you are not complete. Until we have Edo State, we cannot proudly say that we are complete. Although, we have five of the six states in the South-South zone and our five governors are doing well, we need Edo State to do well too.”

“It is so unfortunate. APC leaders and members are very good liars. We know the economy is bad, but somebody is saying that the school children at home, they want to feed them. They were in school; you could not feed them. Herdsmen have taken over our bushes, killing innocent people. They promised that as soon as Muhammadu Buhari would come to power, Boko Haram menace would be a thing of the past. Can you believe that Chad will join Nigeria to fight Boko Haram? So, there is every reason for the PDP to take over this government.

“APC came to power just to push out the PDP to take over power. They were not structured to win elections. You can see how they are fighting. Unfortunately for us in the PDP, we do not know how to be violent. If we were violent, we would have taken over power in Edo state. Let us be courageous and to always remember what they did to us in Bayelsa State. It was God that gave us the mandate.”

He called on the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), to sign the amended Electoral Act into law, “because the kind of violence we experienced in Bayelsa and Kogi states should not be experienced in Edo State.”

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