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A Nigerian soldier has threatened to rape and infect Warri women in a trending video and this has caused some panic in Warri, as the women and children fear for their lives.

In the 26-second long video, two unidentified soldiers could be seen swearing at the people of Warri and promising them a tormenting experience for daring to take the life of their colleague.

Speaking in disjointed Pidgin, one of the soldiers said, “Warri people, una don buy job o. Una kill soldier ba? Your mothers, I will make sure I f..k your mothers skin to skin without condom.

“I will make sure she carry HIV, your daughters will carry HIV, your wives will carry HIV. 

“You get mind to kill soldier ba? Dan ubanku.” 

Following the development, residents, mostly women, are said to be currently in panic especially after soldiers killed a young man named Joseph Pessu on Thursday in the area for driving on the road during a stay-at-home order given by the state government in a bid to curtail the spread of Coronavirus in the country. 

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