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You should be angry. You should be angry because the EU has refused to leave their nose out of Nigeria’ business, even though Nigeria invited them to be observers. I mean, how could they, with their chest, call a whole INEC, with an upright Chairman appointed by an upright man, a fraud. They even said that EFCC appears to be serving the incumbent. How can Ibrahim Magu, who has been fair to all Nigerians be accused of partisanship? The same Magu that locked up Ganduje for his bribery video? Is something wrong with EU? What is their problem with Nigeria. Looks like they are jealous of Nigeria, our oil, our rice in Kano and our handsome leaders like Ganduje and Oshiomole. Ok maybe the sarcasm goes too far with that one (wink wink)

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At least the truth is being let out loud and clear by someone who isn’t on the Atiku team. The Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria (HURIWA) has called for the sack of the Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) Professor Yakubu Mahmood.

The group blatantly stated that the election was rigged to the extent that over 40 percent of the results returned by the compromised Yakubu Mahmood were voided and rendered null by competent courts of law and election petition and appeals’ tribunals all across the country.

Well, while the INEC is still denying the existence of the server, all Nigerians want is for them to share the money allotted to the server in the budget, to everybody, so we can use it and process Visa and relocate to Canada since this country is playing with someone’s future. Read more here.

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