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The United States Embassy in Nigeria took to their most official platform (Facebook) to release an official statement claiming that they do not deliberately enjoy denying Nigerian passports.

“Contrary to popular opinion, visa officers do not enjoy handing anyone the 214b refusal letter,” the post claimed.

However with a country currently split into those who have international passports and those who are visa-denied, there is a slight sense of disagreement. The out poor of stories of being denied for the most mundane reasons has been the public response with many people stating their cases.

A Nigerian woman who was rejected simply for not being married and a father who was unable to send his son over for heart surgery were just one of the many examples.

More clear signs of setbacks filtered down by Trump America perhaps? Who knows. It looks like we have to start looking to other places to make our dreams come true because your American Dream has been…denied! In the meantime, another very important election is coming. Now that some of you have some free time on your hands (since you won’t be traveling anywhere), you may start speaking to your American passport holding cousins and relations about the power they hold in helping to choose the next American President. Read More

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