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Another twist and turn to the Uber app, the app with as many twists and turns as a confusing episode of Game of Thrones. One can’t help but admire the way Uber continues to strive for the ultimate car riding taxi app experience. Remember the new Shut Up feature they started implementing in the US (coming soon to Nigeria, we can’t wait). That was a much-needed setting that a rider can choose to set the trip to “quiet mode” to limit the conversations between you and your driver. Now there’s a little something for drivers. They will soon get the chance to punish all you naughty Uber riders out there.

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In the near future, we will be able to ban riders that have too many bad ratings. There are a number of you out there. Unfortunately, the rise of complaints and badly behaved riders has lead to the addition of this and will serve as a helpful reminder that Uber drivers are not employees, but drivers.

For those of you that go about not greeting good morning to your Uber drivers, if you don’t want any trouble. I suggest you start now…read more

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