Trump vs Huawei
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Over the past few days, we’ve seen social media go crazy with the blacklisting of Chinese tech giant Huawei by the Trump administration, labelling them a security threat, is this because of the P30’s camera? 

huawei p30 camera

Huawei began to feel the effects of Trump’s order that bars American firms from selling components and software to the company, fuelling a cold war that has been going on between the two countries over technology and trade. 

In response to Trump’s order,  Google cut off support to Huawei for android hardware and software services, this means the Chinese tech company will not have access to future Android operating systems and popular Google applications (Google play store, Google mail, Google maps) native to all Android devices.

google apps

Wait, it gets worse! Chipmakers including Intel Corp, Qualcomm Inc, Xilinx Inc and Broadcom Inc have told their employees they will not supply critical software and components to Huawei until further notice and this looks like the end of an era in the United States for the Chinese company.

snapdragon chip

End of an era or not, the company still has a huge customer base in other parts of the world including Asia and Africa with their latest flagship, the P30, with its crazy camera features and sleek colourful design.

Before we start looking at President trump with a bad eye, let’s take a close look at what the Chinese have done too.

In China, these are the list of America software services that have been banned.

  1. All Google services
  2. Youtube
  3. Wikipedia
  4. Instagram
  5. Pinterest
  6. Dailymotion
  7. The New York Times
  8. Dropbox
  9. Soundcloud
  10. Slack
  11. Scribd
  12. Bloomberg
  13. Amnesty International
  14. BBC services
  15. Tumblr
  16. Periscope
  17. Wall Street Journal
  18. Reuters
  19. TIME
  20. WhatsApp
  21. Netflix
  22. Bing
  23. Microsoft Onedrive
  24. Medium

there’s a lot more.

So maybe it seems fair that the Americans are fighting back, hope you have ordered for a new P30?

Let’s sit back, relax and watch how this political technology trade drama unfolds.

Ps. It’s the Chinese, surely they can produce anything.

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