Lucas Moura
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What a time to be alive, a world where Tottenham is in a champions league final…….did i hear you say end time is near?

Tottenham didn’t really have a mountain to climb like their country rivals, instead they faced a Dutch side (Ajax) on steroids that has ravaged power houses  like Juventus and Bayern Munich.

Watching the game, it seemed like Tottenham saw Liverpool’s game and thought “hey! we have to give the world a bigger show than this!”

And what a show it was, coming from two goals down in the second half and topping it off with a last second goal for one of the most dramatic and also tragic endings (for Ajax) we’ve ever seen in a champions league game.

A1 for shock and awe Tottenham.

And the unlikely hat trick hero, Lucas Moura, the PSG reject, oh what a swan song. PSG swapped him for Neymar……..they wanted champions league material (Laughs in wasted money).


Now Tottenham are in their first ever champions league final, having spent £0 on new players in the past 2 football seasons.

So much for oil money……

kanye shaking head
Looking at Manchester city and PSG

What’s the formula for a champions league winning team? Oil money doesn’t look like the solution or is football just another bizarre game or we’re not bribing enough referees again? (thinks in Barcelona).

Either way, we’re gonna be having an all English final, the first in over 10years…….best of luck to both teams.

Hopefully no one in Liverpool slips and Tottenham doesn’t bottle it like they do in almost every final.

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