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We’ve all been in this situation, trying to get from one location to a distant one in a matter of minutes during rush hour. Unless you’re a wizard with a magic flying broom, getting to your desired location late becomes almost inevitable.

Some people try going against the law by paying unregistered commercial bike riders ridiculous sums of money in exchange for a quick dash through traffic. But that is risky, and ‘old school’ now. Common, It’s 2019.

Lagos and other major Nigerian cities are now more populous than ever, with heavy gridlocks during rush hour and when it rains. It is wise to sometimes forget your fancy cars, buses, and cabs, as there are now professional Motorcyclists who could take you from point A to B faster than any other means of transportation in Nigeria (excluding ‘Edo Airways’ of course). 

There has been a rise in the bike hailing business in Nigeria with a lot of companies investing in it. If you’re thinking of which service to use on your next trip, we have gathered the top ride platforms in Nigeria and we’re going to tell you their pros and cons. 


Founded in 2018 Fahim Saleh, a Bangladeshi entrepreneur who formerly owned a transportation platform called Pathao. With over $5.3m in funding, Gokada has managed to be the most popular ride-hailing platform in Lagos. 


  • A huge number of riders available. 
  • Riders always drive below the speed limit and use traffic signals. 


  • Difficult contacting riders during rush hour.
  • Bikes can be very uncomfortable on bumpy roads. 
  • The app can be frustrating.
  • Unofficial bike rides can be a hit or miss with some riders (they might charge more).

Check them out here

Max Okada

Nigeria’s first riding hailing service. It was founded by two MIT alumni, Adetayo Bamiduro and Chinedu Azodoh in 2015. Max Okada made its official debut in 2017. Initially called Max Go, based on their get there fast philosophy. 


  • A user-friendly app.
  • Great customer service. 
  • Bikes are very comfortable. 
  • Fares are cheaper. 
  • E-wallet is available.
  • The riders follow traffic rules.


  • A low number of bikes. 
  • The riders don’t show up on time.

Check them out here


Opera Software AS’s biggest venture into the ride-hailing business. Already disrupting the bike hailing business with their cheap fares and ecosystem of apps and services. 


  • Super cheap fares and promos.
  • Huge app and service ecosystem which allows for easy payment.  
  • You can moderate how fast the rider speeds. 
  • E-wallet is available.


  • Bike Riders can be a hit or miss.
  • Good customer service.


The newest bike hailing service in Nigeria. After conquering the transport business in the east, they’re here to take on the west with its plethora of ride-hailing platforms. 

Founded in 2014 by Ugandan, Ricky Thomson, let’s see if they have the expertise to conquer Nigeria. 

They’re still new, so no pros and cons yet. 

Check them out here

Which ride-hailing service is your preferred option now? 

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