samsung galaxy fold broken screen
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Looks like Samsung’s $2000 foldable phone might not be hitting our stores just yet. Thanks to a number of bad reviews due to broken displays……..luckily we’re not hearing anything about exploding batteries (Nightmares of the not so glorious Note 7 come to light).

According to reviewers who got the phone before its official launch,  after removing the plastic film on the device’s screen (they weren’t instructed to), the display started to deteriorate until its eventual blackout.

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This being a major blow to tech giant Samsung, they’ve boldly made an announcement to extend the launch date of its world first foldable smartphone. 

What’s really surprising is the fact that no one is talking about the foldable phone…….is it because there might not be a practical need for it? Or people just haven’t realised the need for it yet. Either way we feel that Samsung is trying to get this device into the market  fast……..a market that doesn’t seem to be pumped up for a foldable device yet, maybe it’s the market completion since Huawei and Motorola have announced their own foldable devices to be in the works?

We don’t really see the need for a foldable phone, too expensive, fragile and too expensive……

Would you get one? And why so? Is it worth “breaking” the bank for?

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