under third mainland bridge
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Why does everyone think third mainland bridge is going to collapse! On my way home i was just looking carefully out of the window and imagining all the worst case scenarios…..too much end time movies.

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But with such a young history I’d expect it still has many more years to give us. Since its inception in 1990 Third mainland bridge gained iconic status as the longest bridge in Nigeria and 2nd in Africa. Spanning 11.8km from Oworoshoki to Adeniji Adele with glorious views of the University of Lagos, Victoria island skyline and the heavily polluted Lagos lagoon.

third mainland sunset

Like every giant something must bring you down or at least try. Over the past few years there have been rumours questioning the structural integrity of the iconic bridge, vibrations, people feeling their cars bounce while stationary and the biggest one was the rumoured collapse of a section in 2006……..yeah, we all chopped.

Amidst all these rumours the bridge still stands strong, a few cracks and potholes here and there. An average of over 500,000 cars ply its route every 12hours, most times being stuck in traffic……this being modern Lagos where we all spend 90% of our lives on the road. 

traffic on third mainland

Over the past month, complaints have gotten to an all time high with people talking about the vibrations fearing it will lead to an imminent collapse. Looks like some people skipped physics class.

Massive bridges like third mainland bridge have gaps in between each section to cater for the huge rise in temperature (Lagos is just too close to the sun), because metals and concrete expand on hot days. That’s what the gaps are for.

What of the vibrations?!

A massive bridge like this is bound to experience vibrations, luckily for us, Third mainland bridge has dampers and counterweights that cater for the movements caused by cars, buses and heavy crosswinds.

This is what violent vibration and fluttering looks like.

Third mainland bridge’s movement doesn’t exceed a certain measurements.

Next time you’re in traffic observe the uniformity of the vibration and enjoy the mild bouncy movement and thank your stars the bridge isn’t undulating.

third mainland at night

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