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Daenerys is mad, Jon Snow is clueless, Arya is angry, Sansa is smug and Tyrion is full of regrets. This finale is going to be the motherload of finales but it’s been a long journey and we are here to give you the load down on the mood of the hottest show of the moment.

There’s been a list of complaints, hiccups and observations plaguing the internet lets take a deep dive into the seven kingdoms. Warning all of this will involve spoilers, so if you have not caught up, read at your own risk.

Stunts like Starbucks opening a branch in the North threw everyone into a frenzy. How can a Starbucks coffee cup accidentally appear in a scene? Are the game of thrones crew not taking the show seriously, was it truly an error or really clever pr.

Character development has been all over the place. Jon Snow has been practically useless throughout the season vehemently flying the flag of modesty claiming he doesn’t want the throne and Daenerys is his queen. There have not been enough deaths and the few we’ve had have been as dramatic as a doorknob. The knight king, one stab. The evil Cersei…a few castle bricks.

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Ultimately the biggest plot twist has been the complete deterioration of one of our beloved leads. Our mother of Dragons, our breaker of chains….now our nuttiest of nut jobs, Daenerys Targaryen.

A character that has spent 7 seasons going through trials, and heartbreak, surviving rape, deaths, betrayals only to come and become the type of monster that tried to oppress her destiny in the first place.

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Lord knows what the writers were trying to achieve but I’m sorry I still have not forgotten they made us wait a year. A whole extra year for this final season oh! So if they spent that time having a laugh and drinking ogogoro, we have to hold them accountable.

Every online poll on any entertainment or film site you take has a result of people saying they don’t think the finale will be good ( you can take our Talkabout Poll here)


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The latest is now a petition has gone round started by an angry fan, demanding that the Game of Thrones team remake the final season and guess how many people have signed it. More than 450,000 people. The level of involvement has reached new heights of dragon like proportions.

As disappointed as some of us may be let’s be honest we are not too disappointed to stay up and watch it live ( 2 AM on Sunday night in Nigeria).

Let’s see who sits on this iron throne


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