Madagascar pengiuns afcon
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For Nigerians, the Super Eagles losing a sweet chance to top their AFCON group was not a likely scenario, but the pesky penguins of Madagascar (like their alternate animated alter-egos) messed things up as they smiled and waved for 90 frustrating Nigerian minutes.

The Bareas

For Penguins, who are officially known as The Bareas (a species of Zebu), this is their first football tournament and they certainly came out with a swinging performance. From a stunning 2-2 draw with Guinea, a delightful 1-0 win over Burundi and now a shocking 2-0 win over Nigeria, the underdogs with no Nations cup background, are the biggest sensation in this Total African Cup of Nation 2019

Speaking power to truth, the Super Eagles performed like flat-footed penguins. Which was quite the irony given the team names? With a myriad of low-quality passes and
Wasted goal opportunities, the Eagles racked up costly mistakes that ultimately gave the game away.

For a team that was supposed to be an overconfident high-flying squad, Nigeria’s Super Eagles were underwhelming to watch. Could it be true, that our dark green jersey may be cursed? Our worst performances happen when our teams don’t wear those adorable zigzag shirts. Don’t burn your dark green jerseys yet, the Eagles still have one more game to go.

Fun fact: The wife of the Super Eagles’ coach Gernot Rohr is from Madagascar…..but let’s not get into any conspiracy theories.

Gernot Rohr

For now, we console ourselves that we were already qualified, and hope for some amazing Naija goals that will keep us progressing in the tournament. However, we can still hear the underestimated, underrated, underdog Madagascar team dancing to “I like to move it, move it” by Reel to Reel.

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