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Yesterday, Thursday, R Kelly arrested. Again! When you think about it, R Kelly’s problems are like his songs?  He “reminds you of something”. He believes he can fly. Unfortunately, it seems he can’t fly above these accusations of sleeping with minors. If things progress along the current path, might end up locked “In the closet”. Which wouldn’t be a surprise, considering he’s been accused of locking up girls in his basement too. If only he had killed the “ignition” on his sexual antics. 

Well, this Thursday the 11th wasn’t good for R Kelly. After all the palava of his last arrest, the 52-year old picked up in Chicago last night for 13 federal sex crime charges will face indictment in New York. This time the sex charge list includes  “child porn, enticement of a minor and obstruction of justice”. This whole situation is an R Kelly song that’s on repeat, and to be honest we all just want to push the stop button. 

While R Kelly was going through his hot water yesterday Thursday, Lagosians faced some drama of their own. First, the directive of Governor Sawnolu to “Open the gates” at the Lekki toll gates (read more here) brought about mixed reactions. After a day of awe of being able to drive through the tolls charge-free,  we got hit with a twitter crash sending everyone beserk.  We didn’t have an outlet to express our bittersweet feelings over the Sanwolu toll gate experiment, R Kelly’s arrest and the fact that Twitter was down!For more on all our reactions to twitter crashing read HERE.

As frustrated as we were yesterday it can’t be as bad as what R Kelly faced and then naturally couldn’t even tweet about it. So on all accounts, we can all agree it was a very dramatic Thursday. However, if you’re wondering how many sex charges has this R Kelly had to face view HERE . Even we can’t keep count of how many are under his belt. Albeit a better change from what he’s been having under his belt all this time.

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