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In a world that’s so male dominated, it’s quite a shame that these men are not even allowed to be themselves. Statements like ‘be a man’ , ‘man up’, ‘ you’re a man stop crying’ or even ‘suck it up’ are all triggers that firmly establishes male stereotypes in the world today. Funny thing about these male stereotypes though is that men are the ones that made them all up

  1. A bearded man is the ideal man

Let’s start by being real. Men who are unable to be fully bearded have fallen into bouts of low self-esteem  and depression because of this toxic and unnecessary belief. But who really gives a sh*t? If men like Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg or even Dangote spent time worrying about how beardless they were, do you really think they would be ruling the world right now? So, chin up  and keep walking, you are only  every bit of a man you think you are.

2. Men are supposed to be unemotional

‘You have to act tough always’

This is absolutely false. Sometimes you have to set certain burdens aside by being vulnerable. A lot of men have suffered mental health issues because of the dangerous stereotypes that showing emotions is a sign of weakness. In reality however, it takes a lot of strength to actually let go and be emotional. This is also important because it helps improve relationships with friends and family without pushing too much buttons. So go on, be free.

3. You have to be physically attractive to get a women’s attention

Time after time it has been established that men who pay too much attention to their looks scare a lot of women off. In fact, there’s just sonething feminine about men who pay too much attention to their physical appearance.

The right way to any women’s heart is money. Haha, just kidding. Let’s try that again. The way to any woman’s heart is for you to be charming, kind and ambitious. Yes, authentic men are attractive. Being good looking is just a huge plus

4. Straight guys should not have gay friends

Come on, apart from girls, there are other things guys talk about amongst themselves. So, it’s perfectly okay for a straight guy to be bffs with a gay guy. In all honesty though, it happens.

5. Size matters everytime

Maybe in the men’s bathroom,  public toliets or any social gathering of men, size does matter. However, outside those male dominated scenes, size is not that important, at least not to most women.

6. Think like a man

This may mean that our gender complexities make us see a couple of things differently but people have turned it into sonething else. This has made it difficult for some men to seek advice from partners or other women in dealing with certain issues. Being able to ‘think like a man’ means solving all the problems everytime but isn’t that just too much of a burden to place on a gender?

7. Paternity leave is not a real thing

Studies have shown that when a young couple welcomes a new born,  both the man and the woman get extremely insufficient sleep for the first six months. Apart from that, there is a strong emotional feeling that surges up in both male and female when they have a baby together. This is not in any way comparing the complexities and feelings of a man after having a child to that of a woman who actually had the child, but it’s still very valid. So go on young man, get that paternity leave, you deserve it!

8. Masculinity has to be toxic

Many men have fallen into the habit of beating their wives and women around them in order to establish dominance. Why? Because society says men are supposed to be dominant. Yes, maybe men are seen as the dominant species but the right way to show dominance is by being firm and having integrity. However, society has restructured it into a system of beating down, shaming or dehumanizing women who don’t conform to the said dominance. Shame.

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