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Recently we celebrated the success of Jumia reaching new heights by premiering on the New York stock exchange only to have the mood spoiled by the ignorantly sweeping statements of their CEO Sasha Poignonnec. But for the purposes this article we will fondly refer to him as Po-ignorant.

In an interview with CNBC when asked why Jumia hadn’t hired enough developers Po-ignorant, smuggly responded that “the reality is in Africa there are not enough developers.”

First of all let’s not even talk about Nigeria alone which has globally become one of the budding tech startup hubs of the last decade. But if Po-ignorant took the trouble to locate Africa on a map he would see that to suggest the whole continent isn’t capable of churning out some developers Jumia could hire is flat out preposterous.

As you can imagine Twitter has gone ablaze with outrage, hopefully he will soon become aware that we have access to Twitter here…and know how to tweet. Revelations have come out that Jumia doesn’t even have a developer base of operations anywhere in Africa. All their technology development is done in Portugal.

Jumia’s “Africanness” has come into question as they are owned by 2 foreign CEO’s and it is really  a European Multinational penetrating the African market. “Reality is” Po-ignorant shouldn’t try and shop his false narrative on the non-developer filled continent of Africa because we’re not having it. Read more.

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