Unilag Vs National Stadium
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Yesterday was June 12th, Nigeria’s Democracy Day. Guess what? The President took it upon himself to change the name of National stadium to ‘MKO Abiola National Stadium’ Abuja. Let’s focus on the Stadium, an unfortunate shadow of its former self.

The once glorious stadium that was the largest in Abuja is now nothing more than a grazing space. Left underdeveloped and wild. Is it then fair to honour the memory of this man with a dilapidated Stadium where cattle feed on the grasses for fun?

There has been backlash over this new development which reminds us of the not too distant uproar in 2012 when UNILAG was renamed Moshood Abiola University (MAU)? The media the next day was deafening, with its resistance to the move. Oh well, they are right, I mean, how would you want other Universities to be bantering Unilag as ‘MauMau’ University. That would not be fair.

Which would you prefer to be remembered for, a University with an international alumni network or a cattle ranch of a Stadium that was last used before the First FIFA World Cup hosted in Africa? But the real point is was this an honor or a very public snub of a man who had such a big legacy? Read more.

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