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As host nation for the Total AFCON 2019, we all saw the Egyptian team as major contenders of the cup….South Africa clearly didn’t.

To put it into perspective, Egypt (with Mo Sallah’s recent club-side success) crashing out in the round of 16 is akin to going for a serious Owambe, sitting on a VIP table and then getting passed over when they are serving hot, wood-fired Jollof rice. It’s got to hurt!

South Africa vs Egypt

Mo Salah was on the pitch and in good form. We expected fireworks, sparks and zingers but we got zilch. The Bafana Bafana had answers for all his signature moves, clamping him down till the very end. For Salah he would have to stick with his Champions League medal, no luck for an AFCON cup for that cupboard.

We find it really difficult to put our finger on what went wrong for Egypt with their wonderful record in the group stage (Zero goals conceded), and then being the host nation, that comes with a lot of weight, a semi-final finish at least…….but its 2019 and Football is super unpredictable, weird things have been happening lately, Madagascar are now looking like Football mavericks, Manchester United are struggling for Europa league spots with Arsenal……..End times people.

If its any consolation, at the least the Egyptian players could just walk home to rest, they probably live on the same street as the stadium. Which means they will be extra livid during the finals.

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