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The increasing level of chaos in a country like Nigeria is enough to normalize the behaviors of the Joker. Mental health is becoming a big concern and no one seems to be bothered about it.

Suffering and Smiling.

Being the visionaries that we are, after seeing what happened during the Xenophobia protests and a few hours in the cinema watching ‘the Joker’, we feel some attention should be given.

We discovered an app called ‘Youper’ that provides mental health tools and insights in an exciting new way: by engaging with the user in quick digital conversations. So unlike mainstream apps that might lead you through a mind-calming exercise, an AI chatbot chats with you like a friend, asking questions and assessing your responses with the goal of reducing your anxiety. And it does all this within minutes.


The Youper app was co-created by psychiatrist Dr. Jose Hamilton in 2016 after he had worked with patients battling depression and anxiety. Acknowledging there are many barriers keeping people from seeking help. He felt Therapists were expensive and this led him to come up with a more affordable solution. He teamed up with co-founders Diego Couto and Thiago Marafon and consulted with doctors, scientists and engineers to create an accessible app that uses psychological techniques like cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness in a conversational user interface.

Youper’s key feature is its AI-powered ability to chat — users can talk to chatbots anytime about how they’re feeling. “These smaller conversations take your focus away from negative thinking,” Hamilton explains.

The app also tracks your mood, offers a personality test and features a journaling option and meditations.  Other honorable mentions include  Wysa, Replika, and Woebot that also engage with and learn about their users.

Try it, let us know what you think.

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