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Nigerians couldn’t help but go on a tweet spree after the news broke that young billionaire, Obinwanne Okeke, also known as Invictus Obi got toppled by the FBI for internet fraud ringing up to a hefty sum of $12 million 

The country was still trying to deal with the disappointment that came with the news of Samson Siasia being handed a life ban by FIFA for agreeing to receive bribes, then Invictus Obi joined the ring of Nigerians smearing the name of the country internationally. 

Invictus’ fraud case came in as bolts of shock to many people because of the influence he had established over the years. 

Here are some facts and case summary:

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1) Invictus Obi is a founder of a company known as Invictus group.

2) According to official information, his company was involved in private equity investments in African and Australian countries.

3) He has received accolades from both local and international organizations for his growth in business.

4) He succeeded in fooling thousands of Nigerians and many influential persons and organizations including Forbes itself.

5) Yes, he was named Forbes 30 under 30. This platform celebrates rich and successful people who have made various ‘groundbreaking’ moves.

6) A lot of people have celebrated the success story of Invictus Obi and many have been inspired by his billion-dollar status.

7)  However, nemesis caught up with the billionaire after a scam gone wrong with an American company that erroneously wired him millions of dollars at different occasions .

8) The FBI lodged an investigation in 2018 after the high tech scam caused the company millions of dollars.

9) News broke of his arrest and his fraudulent activities were revealed. This has led to a number of outbursts by various Nigerians

10) His social media accounts have been deleted
11) According to reports, this  news might succeed in implicating many other celebrities who associated themselves with him 

12) A lot of speculations have risen about the Nigerian entertainment industry as a result o this Saga. Many have linked the fraudulent activities to record labels in the Nigerian entertainment industry although not explicitly 

Considering past and recent happenings, it is in the best interest of the country that the government finds more sophisticated means of curbing fraudulent activities of Nigerians within and outside Nigeria. Being able to achieve this will ensure that foreign investors and ordinary persons would be able to freely associate with Nigerians without fear of falling for the ‘Nigerian Scam’.

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