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Before we dive into this next piece bear in mind there are a few spoilers form the latest episode. The main spoiler is, it looks like the Queen is going crazy. Yes that’s right Daenarys, Khaleesi, Mother of Dragons etc who survived lifelong abuse, repeated rape, the loss of her child her husband and an endless list of betrayals is starting to loose it. Many fans have gotten disappointed at this sudden left turn of the plot. Does this mean a strong lead character doesn’t have the strength and mental capability of overcoming all this trauma without having it pull down on their mental status.

They took a woman who survived lifelong abuse, repeated rape, the loss of her child and husband, repeated betrayals – who through it all overcame every obstacle and emerged stronger, who dedicated her life to protecting innocent people, who lost even more in the process of protecting those innocent people – and they really made her "mad" with ambition. Instead of allowing Daenerys the right to grieve her losses, they drove her insane.


However why does society continue to paint mental health characters as weak victims. Does it make her less strong because she overcame all of her turmoils, to still lead her people into battle (but with a few screws loose)

Jokes aside mental illness has become a silent presence sweeping Nigeria. 30% of Nigerians suffer mental illness each year with 3 in 10 Nigerians having some sort of mental disorder. In addition to that the suicide rate here isn’t getting any better either. Nigeria is ranked 5th in the annual suicide list every year with us having 15,000 suicides in every 100,000 suicides.

It’s gotten to the stage whereby we all know someone, or know someone who knows someone. The question is as we enjoy the final episodes of Game of thrones, have they missed the mark. Should mentall illness still be portrayed as a stigma. Or should we view Daenary’s crippling mental state with more compassion… read more

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