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Governor Nasir El Rufai of Kaduna State has told Health Workers that if they go on strike, they will lose their jobs. The Kaduna State health workers protested the April 2020 25% reduction in salary from the government stating that they were at risk of contacting coronavirus wile dispensing their jobs.

Governor El Rufai through his media aide released a statement, remarking that the health workers will not arm twist the government into treating them specially from other Kaduna workers.

The statement added, “it is instructive that the strike action was announced on the same day that many health workers were showing evidence on social media of the N450,000 they had received as April 2020 incentive.

“To declare strike action amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, according to the state government is naked blackmail, based on the mistaken assumption that the state government will reward irresponsible conduct by some health workers with surrender.”

It said the state government would not be misled into granting health workers a special status amongst public servants, stressing that the consequences of concessions made along such lines by previous governments had created a sense that some public servants are more precious than others.

It explained, “Government will not be browbeaten by strike action into excluding health workers from the sacrifices being made by other public servants who are donating 25% of their salary to fund the provision of palliatives for low-income, poor and vulnerable persons that are impacted by the lockdown.”

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