Nigeria vs Cameroon
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From the shocking loss to the Penguins of Madagascar last weekend, the Super Eagles came out guns blazing from the onset against Cameroon with enough energy to send even Simba scampering. Going by the Nations cup history between both countries, it was as expected, an active gbas gbos gbos gbas affair….. fortunately for Nigeria, we had our vibrant green good luck Jersey on.

Nigeria vs Cameroon

The quality of play was the best we’ve seen so far from the Nigerian side in the 2019 AFCON. The players showed up to the party, and Odion Ighalo finally redeemed himself with his superb contributions in the game. The Cameroonians did try to live up to their name unsuccessfully. However, they can be reassured they had almost every red-blooded Nigerian watching on the edge of their seats till the final whistle.

Odion Ighalo

Highlights from the game.

  • Odion Ighalo’s opening goal in the 19th minute (Don’t lie, you danced when he scored)
  • Two quickfire goals from Cameroon in the closing stages of the first half (S. Bahoken in the 41st and C. N’jie in the 44th)
  • Another Odion Ighalo goal in the 63rd minute.
  • The Goal from Alex Iwobi courtesy of an Odion Ighalo assists in the 66th minute. ( Admit it, you danced hard after this).

The Super Eagles played very well, though they struggled to keep up with the high tempo nature of the game in the dying stages of the first half which led to those quick-fire goals. The goalkeeper also gave the fans a few heartaches, but he pulled through when it mattered.

From what we’ve observed today. The Super Eagles should keep on wearing that vibrant, light green jersey for the rest of the tournament……that trophy must come home!

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