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 Bichon, Rott, and Shepherd of the boyband Puppy Pound stopped by at the Talkabout studio to talk about themselves, their music, and how they juggle going to school, maintaining their lifestyle and making good music.

 Their EP titled Puppy Love which they couldn’t stop talking about is an extension of what the band is about. Discovering the mixed personalities of the trio was all the fun the Talkabout team could ask for.

Puppy Pound really came into the spotlight after the boys individually won a talent hunt organized by Play Palms Entertainment. Although they started off their musical journey individually, they were joined together by the record label and the rest is history. It is clear to see that this path taken by Puppy Pound is quite similar to that of the already broken up boy-band One Direction. One Direction as most people know did not, of course, maintain the direction their fans wanted. The adorable trio has however made it quite clear during their interview that they do not plan on splitting up, at least not anytime soon.

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