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Tales By Mun Light is a Concert where people refuel the tanks of their faith in themselves and dreams.
Proudly sponsored by #TalkAboutIt, this concert promises to be a wholesome mix of fun and self discovery.

If you follow Nigerian Music fairly, you may have noticed a certain boost in the global acceptance of Afro Beats, the kind that Mun, the host of Tales by Mun Light does.

With Wizkid’s light-hearted tunes, Davido’s stepping tempo and Burna Boy’s Fela rebuilds, the Nigeria-to-the-world Project seems to have reached its midpoint.

However, this project would not near its completion without notable mention of the Boy Called MUN, a Kaduna-based Nigeria Rapper seeking to carve out his own niche, inspire positive change and make life out of it.

Most artists often have a big, clear idea of what their art is about. For the Kaduna Born Mun, Faith, Love and hope are his pillars. Those are not only Big Ideas, those are the ideas the world is built around, and it makes sense that Mun tries to redirect the world to the things that matter with his unique sound.

“The truth I be seeking because every day is a fight, every day is a hustle and struggle,” says Mun in his No Sun single, featuring Gray C, as he throws an open ended question about the essence of Prayers, “what is the essence of praying? If I don’t, depression will kill.”

As stated, his idea of putting faith in the front burner in his songs is not far-fetched from his Christian background deeply rooted in the very religious Northern Nigeria State of Kaduna State. It makes sense that he sets out to shine some light of love on the darkness of hate, quite pervasive across the world.

Mun, a household name in and out of Kaduna State hopes to reach the world in an exclusive but highly publicized Concert named Tales By Mun Light. When you hear his name over the radio, it sounds like Moon.

Well, it is a dark world and it looks like this star from Kaduna is about to light the world up with a serving of Faith, hope and love.

As a man given to culture and traditions, tales are a huge feature of the African Society and it is no surprise he adopted this method in spreading his message of love and determination.

The Concert, Tales by Mun Light will hold on 10th November at the No 2 Constitution Road, Kaduna, with special appearances from artists in and out of Kaduna like Shime Ahua, Eazy Bob Wizzy, Menxee, Sylva Dee, GAD, Eff Ell, Jabbs, Compass, Transformed Generation, Soul Flame, Vblai, Chen, Monlee and GPZ.  

“I don’t wanna throw in the towel, I wanna rise rise rise…Give up on myself, I won’t, give up on God I won’t,” Mun sings in his NO SUN, a faith Anthem taking over airwaves around Nigeria.

The Tales By  Mun Light Concert Perhaps, is a place to draw some inspiration, refill your tank of faith in yourself, your individuality and your dreams, and unite in a warm embrace of love across tribes, religion and culture.

What are you waiting for, before you pick up your tickets?  

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