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The Good news: finally, we made it! The Super Falcons managed to crawl into the second round of the FIFA world cup tournament. The Bad news; we will be facing football heavyweights ‘Germany’.

Before we continue our celebrations, let’s take a good look at the German women, before we hopefully fly over their heads

Who are they? 

Nicknamed ‘the National Eleven’, ever Present at the tournament since their debut in 1991. Their consistency has taken them to two consecutive World Cup trophies (2003, 2007), as well as several semi-final finishes in the tournament. 

Disappointing outings? Quarter-final losses in 1999 and 2011, which is an achievement for some Countries…….but not the Germans. A finish like that is like Nigeria losing a Jollof Rice contest……..shameful. 

Where do they even rank in the world? 

Currently, the German female football team is ranked 2nd in the world and their lowest rank ever is 3rd. Yes, they’re that good. The Super Falcons, on the other hand, are ranked 38th with their lowest being 39th……..Underdogs. 

Oh! They also have a super experienced Goalie

Nadine Angerer has been in goal for Germany since 1996, Abacha was still Head of State, Wizkid was still in Primary school, Nigeria had huge growth potential.

Nadine has shown high levels of consistency over the years, winning the World Player of the year award in 2013 at 34…….fitness! Ronaldo would be proud. 

With all that said, the Germans are highly experienced, super coordinated and efficient goal machines with one objective……win the hell out of this World Cup. 

So yes, we should all be afraid! But looking at past Nigerian football upsets and the miraculous manner in which we got into the second round, it feels like we might just cause a major upset. 

We just need to bring our A game! Go Super Falcons!

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