Concatenate Conference
Concatenate Conference
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The Concatenate Conference more than anything, unites a group of people devoted to providing day-day solutions with tech.

When Tony Astro, a Nigerian Developer stepped out for the day, he probably had all the good things in mind, like shipping a code, or getting an idea bigger than Facebook. He probably didn’t think his day would get as bad as ending up in the back seat of a SARS bus, but it did.

Good enough, the Nigerian developer ecosystem sprung into action, protecting their own and seemingly petitioning people in high places on behalf of the mostly hapless developers who the Police easily pass off as ‘Yahoo Boys‘.

Last year, SARS brutality was one of the reasons that one of the co-founders, Christian Nwamba cited, in founding the Concatenate Conference. He wanted an idea that defeated Visa restrictions for developers and as well, gave them a louder voice. He dreamed of a community of passionate people living being and doing.

The Concatenate Conference, a remote African Conference has gone forward to even give the Developers who are often misunderstood by their own Police, a voice to insist on #StopRobbingUs, a slogan adopted following one of the incidents of Police brutality.

The Concatenate Conference as big as it is, sends a signal to the general public that “look, this thing we do on our laptops is so important that organizations like Microsoft and Netlify are sponsoring.” The Conference goes forward to ask fellow Nigerians, “if these multinational tech companies support us, why do you still think we do some shady deals?”

The Conference which also holds in Kenya by 15th of October, promises a lot for Nigerian and Kenyan developers. It started off with workshops chaired by representatives from companies like Microsoft, hence enriching the knowledge base of the typical Nigerian developer.

The Conference has since proceeded to talks, with many more experts queuing to deliver hot topics that some developers refer to as, “helpful, and useful.”

John, a Software Developer with CIG holds, “the last edition helped me to become better and move from where I was to where I am.” Ekene Ashinze insisted that the Concatenate Conference helped him meet the person that connected him to his present job. Ekene is presently a Software Developer with the Fintech giant, Opay.

In all of these, the likely singular most important feature of the Concatenate Conference is that it gives Nigerian developers a voice, not only to showcase their work, but to show the quality of support their work has attracted from all over the world.

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