starbucks game of thrones
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Well at least that’s what the internet thinks right now after a Starbucks cup seems to have been accidentally left in a scene with Danaerys in it, last Game of thrones episode (episode 4). Can you imagine if in a film scene here someone left their cup ogogoro lying about on set.

As funny as it sounds, do you think it was a deliberate marketing plot of Starbucks to get the internet tweeting away and joining in on all the GOT action. Or is it just another twist and turn in the nail biting show. Maybe Starbucks will be the the secret weapon Khaleesi uses to defeat all of he enemies once and for all.

starbucks game of thrones

(Sips Starbucks coffee) Well anything is possible at this point, there are too many twists and turns, here’s a few you may have missed in the last episode.


The show co creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have a cameo appearance as two wildlings.

starbucks game of thrones



The Hound and Arya riding off on horseback together is a nostalgic nod to all their time on the road


Arya’s refusal of Gendry’s proposal calls back to the conversation she had with Ned in Season 1 about how the life of a lady isn’t for her.

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