Femi Gbajabiamila
Rt. Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila
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The Speaker of Nigeria’s House of Representative is seen in high spirit celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. The Speaker who has over the year seen a tough period of electioneering for both the Presidential and legislative elections, finds it worthwhile to enjoy the festivity with his staff who are seen responding to his choruses.

Conventionally, people always chose to relax and celebrate when they have done a couple of work which they or people consider as worthwhile. For the speaker, apart from the tussles of the campaigns, there are likely reasons for him to celebrate and rejoice for all the accomplishments and challenges the year came with.

In the course of the year, there has been interesting bills passing through him and coming from him, including the appropriation Bill. One of such bills is the Compulsory Universal Basic Education Bill.

The Bill sponsored by the Speaker,Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila, sought to make free, compulsory universal basic education a fundamental rights under the constitution, considering various reports relating to the rate of illiteracy in Nigeria.

Presently, Nigeria moans under the heavy weight of a double digit illiteracy rate. If this continues, then the increasing illiteracy rate may hamper national development since education is often the backbone of every civilization or efficient system.

That is not all, as he has shown willingness to work with the Nigerian people to solve the impasse in the power sector. One of the bills he sponsored in recent times was the Electric and Power Sector Reform Act (Amendment) Bill, which prohibited and criminalized the use of estimated electricity Bills in all instances except where a consumer’s meter cannot be accessed by the service provider.

This bill if signed into law will help both the power sector and the users for better and quicker paying up of bills. A lot of the reason why Nigerians complain about power bills and sometimes refuse to pay is that they cannot justify the amount of money they are being asked to pay. This bill helps solve that problem once it becomes law.

Just recently, the House Leadership under Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila and Senator Ahmed Lawan restored the country’s budget cycle to its former January to December budget cycle. What this means is that implementation across all sectors will be more seamless and organized, benefiting Nigerians immensely.

Hence, when the Honorable celebrates, it may be for a good reason; for a work well done. However, if you listen deeply, you would see that behind all of the works, is a man who knows and makes art. Peep the chorus.

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