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Nigeria Police
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Some possibly rogue SARS officers from the Ogudu Police Division have been arrested and court marshalled for abusing the rights of one of Nigeria’s programmers. In a sudden turn of event, the same Police division has produced one of Nigeria’s most compassionate Police Officer, SP Celestina Kalu.

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Friday Ajobor, an Orphan was shot by armed robbers at Ojota and left for dead. Imagine bringing in a young boy with a bullet wound in the dead of the night to a hospital, in Nigeria? With unique stigmatization of gun shot victims, Friday was dying and help was not anywhere close.

Did he die?

Yes he did, only that SP. Celestina Kalu was an angel sent in time to close the door of heaven to him. She basically said, “not today Friday, not today.”

Ajabor, a 25-year-old orphan from Edo State, was in Ojota with his friend at about 8.00pm on September 19 when two men of the underworld waylaid them, attempting to dispossess them of their valuables. They resisted or tried to resist the robbers. This did not end well, as the robbers shot Friday in the bowel, at a close range and disappeared.

A team of policemen from Ogudu Police Station led by Mrs. Kalu arrived at the scene about 30 minutes later, meeting the hapless victim in a pool of his blood. The policemen, it was learnt, rushed the victim to two hospitals where he was rejected for lack of bed space.

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About 90 minutes after, the victim was admitted at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH) in Ikeja, where he underwent series of surgery, the cost of which was personally defrayed by Mrs. Kalu.

You aleady know how the Nigerian Health System typically works. No deposit, no treatment. Friday could have bled out if Mrs. Kalu was not there to take on the financia burden of his treatment.

It becomes instructive that the same Ogudu Police Division that has possibly produced one of the country’s most notorious policemen, has given the country a beacon light of hope.

The Governor of Lagos State did not waste any time in recognizing the wonderful work of the Police Officer who put her personal expenses on the line for Friday. She was given an undisclosed amount of money in the State house, and commended.

There have been several cases of Police brutality leading to arrests, but it becomes paradoxical that the same division that has produced the devil’s advocate has also produced an angel in shining amor, Mrs Kalu.

Does this reinforce the saying that the Nigerian Police is generally responsible and kind, and only tainted by the uncalled-for effort of a few bad eggs?

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