Which Nigerian artist are you?

    tiwa savage
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    Take the TalkAbout It Quiz and find out if you’re extremely rational and calm like BOJ or an OBO like Davido

    • Which are you when a bunch of people are hanging out

      • The one making jokes and making everyone laugh
      • Mainly observing, listening and commenting when you feel necessary
      • Joining in with the banter and making sure everyone is included
      • The one providing insight into every conversation
      • The one clowning whoever deserves it
    • What do you do when someone asks you for help

      • Let them know it’s going to be okay and try and make them laugh to cheer them up
      • Give very detailed advice while including your life experiences
      • Let them know everything is going to be okay and check up on them regularly
      • Do a lot of listening by letting them talk and give hugs for comfort
      • Listen to them, but ultimately offer tough love advice
    • What type of student are you?

      • Study the night before and morning of because you have photographic memory
      • Studying guy
        Study a month in advance so you are prepared
      • Work in study groups and make flashcards
      • Watch videos to study and use notes from class
      • aliko dangote
        You’ve got everything from class in you’re head. You’re good
    • What would you rather eat?

      • Pounded yam and efo
        Pounded yam and efo
      • Jollof rice and chicken with plantain 2
        Jollof rice and chicken with plantain
      • Beans and plantain
        Beans and plantain
      • Waakye
      • Amala and ewedu
        Amala and ewedu




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