What Game of Thrones Character are you? Will your character survive or be dead?

    got dragon
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    Take the Talkabout GOT quiz and find out.

    • Which of these will you drink?

      • Water
      • Beer
      • Energy Drink
      • Soda
      • Wine
    • How do you prefer to move around town

      • Driving
      • Bus
      • Uber
      • Ride along
      • Walk
    • If the Police stops you on the road and asks for money, what is the first thing you are doing?

      • Just give them some money
      • Change it for them, is like they don’t know you
      • Call your guy, because “all your guys are ballas”
      • Me keh, they can’t try it
      • Try to talk your way out of it
    • How do you like to spend your time?

      • Getting some work done
      • Hanging with friends
      • Social media
      • Watching Tv
      • Eating
    • What part of Lagos would you prefer to live in?

      • Lekki
      • Badagry
      • Ikeja
      • Ikoyi
      • Festac




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