What Avenger character are you?

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    What Avengers character are you? . Take the @talkabout  Avengers quiz and find out.

    • Which of these are you gonna eat?

      • Egusi and pounded yam
      • sharwarma
      • giant burger
        Burger and chips
      • jollof-rice
        Jollof Rice
      • sushi
        Sushi and prawn
    • Which of these cars would you drive?

      • Bentley Contiental GT Speed
      • Ford F650 Superduty
      • 2014 Corvette Stingray
        Corvette Stingray
      • lexus lc500
        Lexus LC500
      • audi r8
        Audi R8
    • If a conductor refuses to give you your N200 change, what will you do?

      • Leave the change, track the driver, the conductor, the passengers and their family and kill them all.
      • Leave it cause it’s just two hundred Naira
      • Kill everyone on the spot
      • Calmly ask for your change till he gives you
      • No one is moving till you get your money
    • If SARS officials stops you on the road and asks for your phone, what is the first thing you are doing?

      • Speed off when they are not looking, track them down later and kill them
      • Call your league of area boys with their weapons to beat the living daylight out of the SARS officials.
      • Fight stubbornness with stubbornness
      • Pay them off cause you don’t have their time
      • Beat them all cause you’re a commando
    • Who would you hang out with?

      • wizkid
      • anthony joshua
        Anthony Joshua
      • okonjo iweala
        Okonjo Iweala
      • Buhari
      • hilary clinton
        Hilary Clinton
    • You just got your salary and you want to hang out with friends, where are you going?

      • pizza
        Get some pizza and chill
      • beach
        Chill at the beach
      • Stay home casue you’re an introvert
      • nice restaurant
        A nice restaurant with the squad
      • nike art gallery
        Art gallery




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