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Men of Nigeria, what’s really going on?

Is there a positive correlation between the softness of your voice and hands? Kayode Bakerr, host of Smooth 98.1 FM’s “Soulfully Yours” on Sundays from 6pm to 10pm, has one of the softest voices in radio. It seems his hands are also like freshly baked bread and have never known hard labor.

Kayode admitted to Talkabout that he doesn’t know how to change his own car tire. He had a flat tire on his way to work on Monday and proceeded to walk to the nearest fuel station to pay someone to replace his tire for him.

What if he was stuck on 3rd Mainland bridge at 3am on a Saturday night?

What if his girlfriend had a flat tire and called him for help?

What if this is the reason he doesn’t have a girlfriend?

What if he is not the only one?

How many more Nigerian men are willing to admit that they can’t change a car tire?

Ladies, does this matter to you?

Some might say our men are getting softer as they embrace manicures and refuse to mess up their nails. Others say this is the result of years of fake masculinity that is finally on the decline as men reveal their more human sides.

As for our Nigerian women that know how to change a flat tire, you are Captain Marvel and we salute you.

Wait…..was that sexist….?

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