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Emergency! Attention please. As we write this to you from the Talkabout headquarters some of our colleagues have attempted to smash objects, started shouting uncontrollably and passed out due to the sudden shutdown of Whatsapp and Instagram (some of their parents have texted to complain about Facebook)

We are keeping it together but have braved the chaos to deep dive into the hard hitting news on what on earth is going on!!

This already happened and we all thought it was fixed. Just last month, 13th of March, all these services were down. Facebook, who bought Instagram for $1 billion in 2012 and then Whatsapp for $19 billion ($4bn in cash, $12bn in stock, and $3bn in restricted shares) in 2014, blamed last month’s outage on a “server configuration change.”

Oga Zuckerberg, can’t you change the configuration of your server without affecting the entire planet earth?

You see, this is where the wise words of genius often called a madman Kanye West have come to ring true “No one man. Should have all that Power” this could be the type of thing Yeezy was referring too and foresaw.

One single company having this much control over our social media activity, is starting to look like not such a good idea after all.

If Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp were separate entities we wouldn’t experience all three ceasing operations like this.

We’re just two weeks into April and already we’ve had two global outages. Facebook is yet to respond to inquiries about the cause of this latest one.

If this was NEPA we would say “Na Naija we dey” but we hold super boy Zuckerberg to a higher standard of operational quality and are unhappy with this.

We have started playing Kanye’s music to calm us down. Lord knows what we will do if the systems don’t come back up, there may be dark times ahead. Wait I hear a WhatsApp bing from my phone

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