Seyi makinde asset declaration
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Nigerian Governors are best known for covering up their assets, so a headline stating Seyi Makinde declares assets certainly stands out. The young looking, suave Governor of Oyo Seyi Makinde declares assets and recently has been imploring other governors to do the same. Many reactions are trolling this action, most of them are positive.

The dollar signs, Naira signs and even Rands pouring out of the revelations are quite an eye-opener.

He is the first high ranking public official to reveal his assets amongst the new batch of the last general election and he has combined cash and asset value of a whopping N48 billion.

Let’s get our magnifying glass and take a closer look, shall we?

His bank balance stands at N234, 742,296.01

Properties, including the developed and undeveloped worth N2, 624,800,500.

Let’s leave Nigeria and fly to SA. In South African, the governor declared buildings and household items worth 4,457,554 South African Rands.

Now let’s talk houses. This governor wouldn’t even be eligible for MTV Cribs.The MTV crew wouldn’t know where to start from. The houses declared by the Governor include nine buildings in Nigeria, two in the United States and one in South Africa.

Of course, there has been an uproar. Thanks to our non-booming economy and Nigeria becoming the poverty capital of the world last year, you can imagine there are a lot of people, with less than one house who are swamped by all these rand signs.

The current value of Makinde’s companies stands at N48, 150,736,889, including 33,730,000 units of shares. Looking at this and taking a look at the lack of zeros in your bank account can make any sane person want to uproar.

He dutifully declared his assets but it is however not compulsory to make the details of one’s asset public. This is a refreshing move hopefully to inspire others. So we say to other Nigerian Governors and Politicians. Share your assets, make them public so we can track. Be like Seyi Makinde.

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