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Bayo (not real name), graduated from one of Nigeria’s Universities in 2017. He is thankful for having graduated at least, but he knew a CGPA as low as he was not what he hoped for.

Bayo was hoping for a Second Class Upper but landed on a Second Class Lower. It was never his intention or making. It was the making of a randy lecturer whose lack of unprofessionalism has led to depression and suicidal thoughts in many students.

How did this happen?

The BBC African Eye story of #SexForGrades has opened up a cankerworm of accusations and counter-accusations. While there is a justifiable reason for women to go up in arms against men, the story of some victims must never go untold, not minding their gender.

Here are 5 untold stories of #SexForGrade racket in Nigerian Universities.

Bayo Must Provide a Girl for the Lecturer or Fail

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Bayo was sure of a good grade after writing that 3 Unit load course, but on a windy afternoon, he got an invitation into the lecturer’s office through the class rep. He felt nothing had gone wrong, only a minor issue.

Maybe he did not write his last initial on the answer script. To his surprise, he was asked by the lecturer to provide a girl for the weekend or risk failing the course.

This is one way that some unscrupulous elements unfit to be called Nigerian lecturers target boys in the University. While the woman is the ultimate victim, the boys become the collateral damage.

When Bayo could not provide a woman for the lecturer’s entertainment, he was given a D and his CGPA came crashing.

Tolu’s Girlfriend has Caught the Interest of a Randy Lecturer

Never blame the victim. Tolu’s girlfriend is the victim here, but Tolu suffered a second-hand backlash from the girlfriend’s refusal to sleep with the lecturer. How did this happen?

In Nigerian Universities, departmental mates date; not a new thing. However, this may pose a problem when one’s girlfriend is a target for a randy lecturer. While the girl refuses to sleep with the lecturer either for grades or for money, he usually finds the boyfriend a soft target, blaming him for the refusal of the girl. Woe betide the boy if the lecturer handles a course that he sits for.

Tolu was not lucky enough as this befell him and his girlfriend, Ada. How can he report or escalate issues like this when the management will use it against both of them in the future?

He carried over the randy lecturer’s course, distanced himself from his sweetheart at least while in school, and was always looking over his back at all times.

Not Only Sex for Grades, Money For Grades Too

Some lecturers in Nigerian Universities while taking sex from the girls, take money from the boys. These amounts go as much as N30,000 depending on how crucial the course is to the student’s graduation.

Some courses that are prerequisites or heavy unit load courses can range as much as 50,000 to 100,000. Such was the case of Emeka (not real name), who was in a fix to pass a prerequisite course else he would have an extra year.

Demanding this amount of money from students struggling to pay tuition is tantamount to sending them off to armed robbery. Hopefully, a study is commissioned on how such demands lead to an increase in an armed robbery in and around school premises. After Emeka was able to borrow the money and ‘sort’ the lecturer, he was given a B, while others who couldn’t get the money were failed.

Homosexual Lecturers are On the Lose

A person mentioned a certain Nigerian Federal University and sarcastically stated that BBC should not go there, else they would see more than they want. In his words, ‘both homo, bisexual and gay’ will all be uncovered.

While most male to male abuse comes in the form of requesting money for marks, there is a niche of this abuse which includes requesting homosexual sex with male students. Kingsley was not lucky as one of his lecturers refused the money, and requested for a sexual encounter with him.

Shocked? It happens. And It may continue to happen if the system is not cleansed. Kudos to the BBC for carrying out this beautiful piece of investigative journalism, as we proceed to the last instance. Quite rare.

Female Lecturers Seeking a Sugary Time Out with Young Boys

On occasions like this, even friends of the victim do not take him seriously because they see it as a bonus. “Guy God don butter your bread,” they said to Olu. But Olu was not having it. His body was apparently not for everyone’s taking. He could not go further with it.

Moreover, she was married too. Guess what happened to Olu? Well, you guessed wrongly because he passed his exams. Maybe because the stigma of the story leaking could not give the lecturer enough courage to fail Olu. Asking for it is abuse and Olu was aware. But he did not take the issue up to avoid further drama.

Women are the ultimate victims of this #SexForGrade abuse. However, some people are caught in the crossfire and sometimes, are men. Share this story to raise awareness. Thank you, BBC Africa.

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