INEC Server
INEC Server
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PDP people are saying there is a server, and APC people are saying gorilla has swallowed the INEC server. We don’t know which to believe but what we know is that INEC collected some millions of Naira for the maintenance and procurement of that server. In other words, just like 50 Cent the Philosopher “Give us our money by Monday.” INEC be wilding.

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How can you collect money for something and not do it?

It’s just like an Edo man hustling abroad and sending the sister money back home to build a house and then when he comes back, there is no house and there is no land, plus no money. Wouldn’t she have to return the money? Or does Nigeria need to employ 50 Cent to collect the Server money from Professor Mahmoud Yakubu the INEC Boss? You had better not let it get to involving 50 Cent because you may have to pay double.

Enough said, this Presidential Tribunal has too much drama and it will be funny if Atiku is declared a winner after Mummy Aisha has finished telling the world that the promise to not make her first lady was a campaign scam. You have not heard? See the full story here. About the Server issue, INEC is still denying. Read here too.

Also, find out how Buhari plans to lift 100million people out of poverty.

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