Saudi Oil Attack
Starving Yemeni Child
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The Saudi Oil attack has been the headlines across the mainstream media over the last week, unlike the starvation and killing of innocent Yemeni children over the last four years.

Losing a child is a huge tragedy, but as seen in the world of international politics, the more children you lose, the fewer concerns for your loss. At least this is true for the people of Yemen, as the Saudi Military allegedly backed by the US and the UK, takes on the Houthi rebels in what is known as the ‘nastiest’ war in the Middle East.

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Do you know another thing that has arguably gathered more sympathy than the death of a Yemeni child? A Saudi Oil Pipeline. The sympathy is even more when the disruption of the pipeline spikes global oil prices by 18%. However, it is largely in doubt whether the sympathy for the Saudi oil pipelines will decrease, as more and more pipelines are blown up, just like the Yemeni kids.

Ever since the Saudi Oil pipeline attack, President Trump has released many tweets concerning the issue. A quick search of ‘Twitter Trump Saudi Oil’ shows many other tweets including this.

However, he likely has never tweeted about the 2 million Yemeni children and women facing near-death starvation. At least, a quick search of the keyword ‘Twitter Trump Yemeni Children’ here shows…crickets.

Arguably, these children may be lucky to be alive, unlike the 6,872 already killed as of November 2018. Every month, 37 Yemeni children are killed or injured by foreign bombs. This is a strong allegation against the US-Saudi defense pact to the tune of $100bn, which the Trump administration accepted irrespective of the alleged involvement of the Kingdom in Journalist, Khashoggi’s death.

What went wrong and how did all of these start?

No matter the details in this article, know that this war is a proxy war fought between Saudi Arabia and Iran in an impoverished Arab nation of Yemen. Also know that the reason why the Muslim world is likely not screaming at the top of their voices about the war is that it is a war on its most virulent fault-line, the Shia and Sunni divide.

Unlike most Arab countries, Yemen has a good number of Shias living with the Muslim majority Sunnis. However, the Arab spring meant that there was a gap in leadership when President Saleh was to hand over to President Hadi, a weaker subordinate. The Houthi Shia rebels who had been causing mayhem in the Southern part of the country took the opportunity to proceed to more strategic locations.

The rebels believed to be loyal to Iran consequently took over cities including the country’s biggest city, Sanaa and Taiz. While they were making to take over more grounds in the other parts of the country, a Saudi Arabia-led coalition invaded Yemen with an air campaign, with the likely thinking that a country so close to Riyadh should not be allowed to fall into the proxy control of Iran.

Recall that there have been unending animosity between the Shia majority Iran and Sunni majority Saudi Arabia ever since the Iranian revolution of 1979. Hence, a war that was supposed to last for a week is in its 4th year, with scores dead, millions starving and no end in sight.

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Now you get why Trump and the rest of the world have been quiet till the oil pipeline was hit?

Perhaps they may argue that the bombing of Yemeni kids and women does not have a direct impact on the economy of the world. However, would they also say the same about its impact on the humanity of the world?

Conceded that wiping off 5.7% of oil global supply is an issue that can lead to recession and stagnation in some countries, even as the IMF and World Bank project a global economic outlook as bleak as 3.3% growth for 2019. However, what has become of the world’s global supply of sympathy and humanity?

For how long will that often-ignored indices take a beating? Pocket-full of war here and there but there is more outrage over an oil pipeline which happens to feed the seemingly most powerful country in the world some energy?

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What the world likely needs, is to repair its pipeline of humanity, and not necessarily of oil. Its pipelines of sympathy have sunk from numerous nuclear bombs of economic profiteering and crass class consciousness seemingly aided by the filthy hands of extreme capitalism. What do you think?

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