Ronaldo and Messi
Ronaldo and Messi
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Ronaldo and Messi may be the best thing to happen to football since Pele and Maradona.

Presently, Ronaldo is at his 5th Ballon d’Or and Messi is ahead with his 6th. The Barcelona and Argentine Maestro has yet again surmounted the challenges on his path to come out victorious in the flagship French Football award for the 6th time. The award which went to Luka Modric last year for his stellar UCL and World Cup performance has gone to Lionel Messi in 2019 for his beautiful La Liga run.

Check this video to understand Football’s greatest rivalry.

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Even at this, some Ronaldo and Liverpool fans feel that there is more to the award than meets the eye. They feel that in the same year that Modric won the Ballon D’Or, Ronaldo had better numbers than Messi’s 2018/2019 numbers. They argue that Ronaldo even had more cups than Modric in the same year that Modric won the award. Does it now mean that the rules for giving the awards change with time?

Here are some of the reactions after Messi won the award.

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