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#ReleaseTacha has been trending for 48 hours, because one of the housemates of the #PepperDem set of Big Brother Naija, Natasha Precious has been disqualified and not released to her fans.


While a large chunk of the viewers and audience of the 18 rated TV program is happy about the eviction, another section who happens to be fans of the evicted housemate have reportedly been in mourning garbs, ashes and dust, ever since.


While they understand that there may be no-return for Tacha, the Portharcourt First Daughter, the fans who reffer to themselves as Titans, also would have loved a bit of palliative. Another of their recent demands since Tasha has been evicted, is for the Big Brother House to #ReleaseTasha to her fans for a befitting welcome.

On the contrary, the Big Brother organizers are allegedly holding her back after the 23 year old refused to grant them an interview after her disqualification. The Instagram influencer whose 300,000 followers on Instagram shot her to fame, may be going through a handful of difficulties, but not without the support of her ever abiding Titans.

Presently, there is a pocketful of Go Fund Me accounts flying around for Tasha, seeking to raise as much as a $100,000 for the evicted Housemate. Also, there have been reported clashes between the fans of Tasha and Mercy, the housemate with whom Tasha fought and was disqualified.


As if that is not enough, some Nigerians who reportedly may not be fans of the show, are raising dust at the gusto with which the #ReleaseTasha hashtag is trending, pointing out that more serious issues in recent times have not received as much attention.

Over the week, Justice Taiwo Taiwo of the Federal High Court at Abuja ordered the release of former Presidential Aspirant and Activist, Omoyele Sowore, but the DSS is yet to #ReleaseSowore. While this may point towards a bigger picture of a dying democracy, most Nigerians who should be raising dust on the issue, may or may not be actively involved in the #BBNNaija drama.

A Nigerian Twitter user earlier confessed that her Columbian classmates abroad did not understand her interest in Telenovelas, stating that the program was used as a mind control strategy by the government to make the people less interested in the affairs of the government. Could that be the case with the Big Brother Naija?


Yesterday, the word ‘Tacha’ generated as much as 500,000 tweets. While it is a huge feat of marketing that a Twitter user with less than 20,000 followers would generate such impressions, it may look deeply into the realities and priorities of the country.

Conceded that the only time this year that an individual generated such impression was when ‘Atiku’ trended after he visited America, one would understand that nothing trends that much in Nigeria without genuine interest.

Is it then true that there may be a genuine effort by ‘constituted authorities’ to swerve attention of the Nigerian people from the affairs of government? Does this point to the greater need for entertainment in the country, or the need for happiness?

While one may say it points to a dearth left by the country’s relatively sorry state, it may also be true that the priority of the people meant to fix this ‘sorry state’ have been seemingly reconfigured to be in the interest of the country’s undoers.

Yesterday, it was #FreeDadiyata, and it ended up in a desolate corner of Nigeria’s Political Twitter. Yesterday also, it was #FreeSowore, and it didn’t see the light of the day. Today it might be you, and no one would know that you’d been whisked away for a year, for telling a Governor to do his/her job.

But till then, let Nigerians give Natasha Precious all the support she deserves, for being on an entertainment program for three months, and getting disqualified afterwards, for yanking at the hair of another housemate.

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